Päivi Takala

During her career PÄIVI TAKALA (b. 1970) has explored the disintegration and modification of paintings over a long period. She has painted illusions of disintegrating images on canvas and then perforated the paintings with three-dimensional objects. In her latest pieces she has focuses on the gesture of repair. Repairing is a way to study the material nature of the painting and it opens up opportunities to consider in broader perspective the meanings of fixing and patching things.

Sleeve II, 2018
oil on MDF
150 x 120 cm

Between 2, 2008–2009
oil on canvas
130 x 180 cm

Renovation (blue and yellow), 2018
oil colour and plaster on MDF, paint on metal
part I: 149 x 132,5 cm
part II: 36,2 x 66 x 66,5 cm

Interior on Canvas, 2016
oil on canvas, water-mixable oil on plywood
160 x 132 x 10 cm

Renovation (back), 2018
oil colour and plaster on MDF
128 x 98,9 cm

Vanitas Series (Tatlin on white), 2011
oil on canvas
250 x 200 cm

Paper on Painting
5 Feb – 1 Mar 2015
exhibition view

Grid on Canvas, 2014
oil on canvas
120 x 100 cm

Vanitas Series (Cross 1), 2012
oil on canvas
35 x 35 cm