Muriel Kuoppala, Anssi Pulkkinen & Taneli Rautiainen, Tuomo Rainio, Emil Westman Hertz
31 Oct  – 24 Nov  2013
Muriel Kuoppala (born 1981) is a Swiss painter who is a graduate of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Her paintings are mandalas of a kind – images of the cosmos lending themselves to meditation. They combine precisely measured and drawn geometric designs –sometimes only partly visible in the image – with soft and intuitive painting. Their world of colour is bright and joyous. These works are a reminder that depth and profundity do not have to be ponderous or overly serious.

Anssi Pulkkinen (born 1982) & Taneli Rautiainen (born 1983) work both together and separately. They won the art competition for the Porvoo Art Factory with Still Life (with street lights), which was completed last summer. They will prepare an installation for Galerie Anhava expressing the essential interdependence of people and space, how the absence of a person changes the nature of a space into something different.

Tuomo Rainio (born 1983) is an artist working with video, photography and performance who explores the structure and construction of the digital image, the relationship of an abstract image with reality. He has studied at Aalto University in Finland and Musashino Art University in Tokyo. Rainio is currently preparing his doctoral thesis at Aalto University.

Emil Westman Hertz (born 1978) is a Danish artist who is interested in the fascination of Western for the strange and the exotic. He relates his observations of these matters to his own experience, defined by the conditions set by life in various ways. He often constructs personal dioramas of a kind, assembling them from wax, clay, wood, bronze, bones and other found objects. Emil Westman Hertz has only held a few solo exhibitions, but he has participated in several joint exhibitions staged by museums and his work is included in, among others, the collections of Magasin 3 in Stockholm and the Arken collection in Copenhagen.

Galerie Anhava held its first EMERGING exhibition in the autumn of 2011. We invited young – emerging – artists whom we regarded to be particularly interesting to participate. Of the invited artists, Jenni Eskola has subsequently displayed her work in Project at Galerie Anhava, Joseph James has had an exhibition in the main part of the gallery, and Kari Vehosalo and Egill Saebjörnsson are scheduled to exhibit at Galerie Anhava in the spring of 2014. These artists have also displayed their work in solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad and have proved to be well worth the enthusiasm and expectations that we felt for them.