Stand 9A21 & #FocusFinland, Stand 9A14
19 Feb  – 23 Feb  2014


JACOB DAHLGREN (born 1970 in Stockholm) is an intelligent, amusing and visually fascinating artist, whose life and art overlap. Dahlgren proves, with all his works, that everyday life contains potential for art. He refines the everyday experience, reminding us that that it's worthwhile to take a look around you. In a sense, he also carries on the tradition of constructivism, renewing and refreshing it, and leading it into the present day.

Jacob Dahlgren has represented Sweden at the Venice Biennial and has held solo exhibitions in the Nordic countries, Europe and USA. Jacob Dahlgren has made numerous public artworks in Sweden and his works are included in public and private collections in Sweden and other countries.

Finnish artist duo TOMMI GRÖNLUND (b. 1967) & PETTERI NISUNEN (b.1962) create sculptural installations and interventions in urban and natural environments. They use technology, sound and light as the primary material in their works. They address issues of space and physical phenomena through the sophisticated installations that often play with physical laws of nature.

Grönlund-Nisunen’s works have been exhibited widely internationally. They have made several public commissions in the Nordic countries.  Recent projects include Galerie Esther Schipper (Berlin, 2013),

Moderna Museet (Stockholm, 2012), The Morning Line T-B A21, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna, 2011), and a pedestrian railway bridge in Turku for European Capital of Culture 2011.

MATTI KUJASALO (b. 1946) has been working consistently in concrete art over thirty years. The artist has developed a unique grammar of his own yet he continuously finds new areas of freedom within the self-imposed boundaries. His works also have a special lyrical tone and character that are rarely associated with constructivist art. They are intellectually fascinating and challenging as well as visually enjoyable.

Kujasalo’s works are included in the collections of museums such as the Albertina in Vienna, the Arithmeum in Bonn, the Forum Konkrete Kunst Museum in Erfurt, the Joseph Albers Museum in Bottorp, along with numerous private collections in Finland, Scandinavia, other European countries, and the United States.

PE LANG (born 1974) is a Swiss-born artist working in Berlin, who has displayed his almost magical moving objects in Tokyo, Zürich, London, Berlin, Brussels, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, among other locations.

Lang’s works combining physics and poetry make us wonder at what we see and remind us that the world is full of amazing things that nonetheless can be explained, as long as we have knowledge.

ELINA MERENMIES (born 1967) creates a world of her own with her works. A world that is familiar and true, strange and frightening, beautiful and comforting.

People are not explained in simple, unequivocal terms. We are torn by different, mutually conflicting aims, many of which we have learned to keep secret. Elina Merenmies knows this. The figures in her ink drawings are stripped of their “good behaviour”. Perhaps that is why they are so disturbing, with such strong influence, arousing admiration, fear and sympathy.

In recent years, Elina Merenmies has had museum exhibitions at the Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn and the Kristianstad Konsthall in Sweden and the Sønderjylland Kunstmuseum at Tønder in Denmark. In 2011, Merenmies held a widely noted retrospective entitled “Secret Joy” at Kunsthalle Helsinki. 

Galerie Anhava at FocusFinland

ANTTI LAITINEN’s series of works shown at ARCO were created for the Venice Biennale 2013. These works document Laitinen’s act of emptying an area of Finnish forest. He felled the trees and stripped the whole area bare of natural materials - tree needles, wood, moss etc. - after which he reorganised the materials into a composition to be photographed. At ARCO Galerie Anhava presents  an installation of the real natural materials alongside photographs and a video.

Antti Laitinen's (born 1975 in Finland) work stems from performances which are documented in photographs, videos or objects. Laitinen is often pushing the boundaries of his physical endurance in order to engage with nature and thus question stereotypes like the natural romantic way of experiencing nature, national identity and masculinity. His work attests to the presence and attitude of an artist who is aware of the tradition of experimental performance art, and skilled in representing his often extreme experiences in nature in different media.

Antti Laitinen represented Finland at the 55th Venice Biennial 2013. Other recent exhibitions include Liverpool Biennale, UK; Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway; Royal Academy of Arts in London and Kunsthallen Brandts, Denmark. His works are included in collections such as the Zabludowicz Collection, Saatchi Collection and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.