Kari Cavén
Sculptures as well
4 Sep  – 28 Sep  2014
Kari Cavén (born 1954 in Savonlinna) is a visionary and a maker. In everyday objects in which we see only their conventional function or even something forgotten and useless, Cavén will see an opportunity for something else, something wise, amusing or to be considered.

He combines objects in an unorthodox manner and surprisingly, dismantling and assembling things. Scales for weighing a baby take an upright position to become a canopy for a saint. A potato masher with a Madonna underneath it – at least the Madonna of hattifatteners. Paper clips in a chain hanging from what was once part of a piano form an almost immaterial weave, a drawing creating a three-dimensional illusion. Some pieces are completely figurative, while others are completely abstract. Some provide the pleasure provided by visual perception and others that of touch, and all of them the pleasure of realization.

Viewing Kari Cavén’s works, and with their aid, we have an opportunity to see our own conventional reality in a different light.

Cavén’s works are not only familiar to Finnish art audiences but also appreciated by the Nordic arts community. He has made over ten public works of art for locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Kari Cavén has worked as a curator and teacher, but the most important things are, of course, his works of insight.