Jani Hänninen
Full Circle
2 Nov  – 19 Dec  2010
Jani Hänninen (born 1974) was originally a wild graffiti artist who was polished at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. The viewer might think that his paintings are made with strong feeling and few plans, because they appear to be spontaneous and created in a moment. But it's not true. These paintings are not instinctive. Jani Hänninen plans, chooses and composes his works. He knows, at least approximately, what he wants to say and how best to do it. He paints, reflects and paints again. Just like the best of them that we think are spontaneous. As Hemingway put it: "You have to write so many times that it looks easy".

Hänninen "hijacks" his themes and subjects from a variety of sources: newspapers, music, television and the street. A single word may spur chains of associations that will become colours and forms on canvas. And the greatest theme, of course, is life, the feelings that it arouses, often chaotic, conflicting and oppressive.