Stand 27
22 Apr  – 24 Apr  2016

Galerie Anhava is pleased to present a solo show by Anna Tuori at the MARKET art fair in Stockholm:

“An illusion of an imagined place can be painted on a two-dimensional surface with colour, by pouring and dripping and brushstrokes. The painting is marks on a surface, a window, an illusion and an impression. It represents at the same time itself and something else. If Paavo is in an empty room with a painting, what is the space in which Paavo’s experience takes place? Is he spending time in the room or the painting? That probably depends on Paavo. The viewer reflects him or herself onto the painting, thus making it also a projection.

As an event, painting is intuitive solving and conscious consideration of what influences what. It is concentration and faith in painting, in solutions that one cannot argue for in the process of making the work. To argue for something is to ask for permission, to rely on something familiar, and that cannot be the goal of work. Part of seeking the realization of a piece is staring and perceiving what is seen. Occasionally, the goal is to create a good red, and occasionally to approach the banal without being banal.”

- Anna Tuori

ANNA TUORI (b. 1976 in Finland) is interested in the concept of the ‘Das Unheimliche’, or ‘uncanny’; the point at which the familiar starts to become strange. The longer one stands before one of her paintings, the more one gradually begins to see. Her dreamlike environments appear almost on the threshold of being recognisable, but details are hard to make out through the washes of paint. Painterly devices and gestures have a strong presence in her works: brushstrokes, colour dots and traces of the act of painting are of central interest through which a multitude of visual abundance is created.

new location:
Malmtorgsgatan 8
111 51 Stockholm

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