Stand C21
22 Sep  – 25 Sep  2016
Galerie Anhava is delighted to showcase works by the following artists at viennacontemporary's special presentation Nordic Highlights:

KRISTJÁN GUDMUNDSSON (b.1941, Iceland) is an artist of a pure and concise visual language of his own devising. He joins together minimalism and conceptualism in a way that has brought him international acclaim. The Olympic Drawings represent a new twist in the artist’s approach, combining aspects seen in various of his earlier work in a way that opens up a new perspective.

MATTI KUJASALO (b.1946, Finland) has worked on issues of systematic constructivist art for the past forty-five years. He has created a completely unique grammar of his own and a visual idiom following its rules that is expressive, richly nuanced and unpredictable.

VESA-PEKKA RANNIKKO (b.1968, Finland) is a versatile artist working with painting, sculpture, video and installation. His most recent works present castings made of pigmented plaster. The works investigate the relationship between painting and sculpture and raise questions about the relationship between the two mediums.

Painterly devices and gestures have a strong presence in the works of artist ANNA TUORI (b.1976, Finland). The artist is interested in the concept of 'Das Unheimliche’, or ‘uncanny’. Tuori paints with acrylic and oil, often employing thin layers of paint dimly shining through each other, accentuating parts of the painting in oils that create thick accumulations of colour similar to relief.

MARKO VUOKOLA (b.1967, Finland) is an artist who is particularly interested in issues of seeing, perception, knowledge and time. He explores these themes through photography and video, for instance, presenting a two views from a given location with some interval of time having passed between the images.

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