Kristján Gudmundsson
Paintings in Gray and White Frames
11 Sep  – 3 Oct  2010
Kristján Gudmundsson (born 1941) is a pioneer of Icelandic conceptual art, which is well known and highly esteemed among all admirers of this genre. It emerged around the turn of the 1960s and 1970s among young Icelandic artists and in connection with the Súm gallery founded by them in Reykjavik.

The genre is marked by intelligence, severity, lyricism and humour. It is contemplative, restrained and insightful, and refuses to accept things as given. The world and its phenomena are enigmas, for which art is really the only source of precise, detailed and comprehensive answers.

Kristján Gudmundsson's works have always employed highly reduced forms. His critical thinking and gaze have eliminated everything that is unnecessary, simplifying, and leaving only that which is necessary, and suffices, to be seen. Gudmundsson works in an area where tensions are generated when the non-existent comes into existence.