Elina Merenmies
Paintings on Canvas and Paper
26 Nov  – 20 Dec  2009
Elina Merenmies (born 1967) is one of the most original and talented artists I have ever met. Her works create a world of their own that is simultaneously familiar and true while strange and wonderful.

Elina Merenmies's new ink paintings are so fine that the mere thought of them gives one shivers. While the subjects are similar to those of her previous words - forests, abstract sets of lines taking shape to resemble something figurative; figures often disfigured and strange yet comforting and extremely beautiful - the new works show even more clearly that this artist understands people, life and the world, and has the ability to give the things that she understands visible and artistically deep form.

We are also treated to new oil tempera works after a long while. They range from very small to very large paintings, with themes from sentient forests to human existential, perhaps even religious, angst. They are skilfully painted with execution ranging from washes in broad detail to painstakingly minute work.