Marko Vuokola
The Seventh Wave
29 Oct  – 22 Nov  2009
"The works of The Seventh Wave are pairs of photographs each with precisely the same cropping and angle of view… The camera is on a tripod. I first take one photograph, and after a while another. I have wanted to vary the interval, keeping it "unscientific" and even indefinite. Anything between two seconds and six hours can pass between the moments when the pictures were taken.

In some of the pairs, the difference can be seen easily, while in others it is less obvious. Even in the blink of an eye, many atoms will revolve, a grasshopper can leap, and a glimmer of light can change place."

This was how Marko Vuokola (born 1967) described the works of The Seventh Wave in 2007. By that time, the subjects of the images had ranged from Finnish sea and lake scenes to the grounds of Versailles, the earth and skies of Texas, and an Audi dealership in Helsinki's Herttoniemi suburb. Since then, the series has been expanded with images of paradise islands in Vietnam, an urban landscape and the window of a Finnish apartment building.