Ida Palojärvi
From Within the Mountain
3 Oct  – 27 Oct  2013
From Within the Mountain
installation, salt, velvet, light
Ida Palojärvi (1981) constructs installations testing the faith of viewers in their own powers of perception that often make seeing and viewing difficult. In Hamza, made for the 2012 exhibition of graduate works at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, an expanse of flowers bathed in light flashed before the viewers’ eyes so quickly that its existence was hard to believe.

In PROJECT at Galerie Anhava, Palojärvi displays a light and sculpture installation that also makes the viewer feel uncertain. This piece is an experience combining viewing, losing the viewed object, a tangible objects and an unattainable dream. Things viewed become vision.

Ida Palojärvi is completing her Master of Arts studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Her work has been recently featured the exhibition “Museum of Instability” at the Helsinki University Museum.

The PROJECT series is curated by Piia Oksanen.