Janne Nabb + Maria Teeri
Indications of Spring
4 Oct  – 28 Oct  2012
Indications of Spring by Janne Nabb (born 1984) and Maria Teeri (born 1985) is an ensemble of works based on the artists’ observations of their surroundings during a six-month residence period in Freiburg, Germany. A video piece employing time-lapse technique, monitors the view from the windows of the artists’ apartment. Occasionally, the artists recorded details in the rooms and sometimes they took the video camera with them when they went travelling. Consisting of over 20,000 images, the work follows major and minor changes in the surroundings.

Observations were continued by collecting material on walks. The material in the showcases was collected by choosing a detail of the landscape, with samples from the terrain repeating its colour. Traces and tracks in the surroundings and the video image arrange and depict time and place.

Artworks by Nabb and Teeri often include material from the surroundings in which they work and live – things bought, found or received. In Freiburg, observations of their new setting included natural phenomena. Table of Contents, their work in the graduate submissions exhibition of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, was based on the surveying, cataloguing and documentation of material that had accumulated in their studio. For the Mänttä Art Festival of 2012 they created a piece from artist’s materials and random objects left in the exhibition area.

Nabb and Teeri have worked together since 2004, from the early stages of their art studies. They graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011.