Hans Rosenström
In Good Faith
7 Feb  – 10 Mar  2013
In the exhibition Hans Rosenström (born 1978) presents three new works that together form a whole. In the sound installation In Good Faith (drifting) a loudspeaker plays a reading of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which a microphone in the exhibition space relays back to a recording device. The new recording is played immediately after the previous one. The sound is sensitive to changes in the environment. The viewers' presence blends into the reading and the words, once carefully measured and weighed to stand the test of time slowly deteriorate and dissolve with other sounds.

Also in his earlier works Rosenström has created situations in which those who experience them will inevitably become aware of themselves. Sound installations to be experienced on one’s own appeal directly to the viewer, creating disconcerting situations in which the viewer cannot only be an observer. In Good Faith (drifting) not only gives the viewer the role of an outsider experiencing it but also records his or her presence, making it a part of the work.