The Elegance of Trash
Jani Hänninen (b.1974) creates crisp and delicious art. His paintings and objets d'art are insightful representations of pain, lunacy, social unsuccessfulness, intoxication, and other distressing feelings and moods. Hänninen portrays these mental conditions truthfully and in a most pleasing way. His works are sensitive, brutal, honest, sad and tremendously funny - funny as a drunken priest falling into a grave at the funeral. Jani Hänninen's talent exists in his artistic open-mindedness which has a foundation in his healthy sense of materials. He seems to be completely analytical, still extreme sensitive, when dealing with his materials. Hänninen is a quick-witted visual artist whose works speak about the contemporary condition of humans and world. His messages aren't always pleasing but as Oscar Wilde wrote: "There is no such thing as a moral or immoral book. Books are well written, badly written. That is all." And Jani Hänninen makes us see ourselves as we are.

Juha-Heikki Tihinen (PhD, art critic, curator)