Characteristic features of Silja Rantanen as an artist are her exceptionally acute powers of observation and deep ability to assimilate things. She is continuously internalising information, visual stimuli and experiences, moods and memories. From there she goes on to analyse this store of information and emotion to find ideas for her new paintings. It is also typical of her that she continues to develop, daring to step off the beaten track and take risks.

Rantanen has received the Ducat Prize of the Finnish Art Society, the Nordic Art Prize of the Edstrand Art Foundation, the Ars Fennica Prize, the Second Prize of the Carnegie Art Award and the Culture Prize of the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation. She has also been awarded the decoration of Commander of the Order the Lion of Finland and the Pro Finlandia Medal. She has represented Finland at the Venice Biennale and has been Artist of the Year of the Helsinki Festival, Artist Professor, and professor at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. The Sara Hildén Art Museum held a Silja Rantanen retrospective in 2011. Her thesis for the Doctorate in Fine Arts was officially inspected at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Arts in 2014. In addition, art integrated with architecture is associated essentially with Silja Rantanen’s core idea of art, and several public works of art have been commissioned from her.