Kari Vehosalo (born 1982) is a philosopher and a craftsman. His works address power, its essence and structures, and how even unconsciously the social contract steers and restricts our way of being. Polite behaviour is usually a ritual devoid of content, but nonetheless required in order to pass as a human being.

Vehosalo thus takes as his theme the psychopathology of everyday life. Caring, death, pleasure, humiliation and pain are hidden in his work and become flesh in the viewer’s experience.

Vehosalo is an artist who not only thinks thoroughly and precisely but also paints with extreme consideration and care and by taking his time. His oil paintings are constructed slowly, in thin layers. He often works in a grey scale, which, however, is by no means “colourless”, and even when he does use colours so that you immediately notice them, they are carefully chosen and considered. There is nothing random about Vehosalo’s paintings, just as he appears to think that there is nothing random about reality either.