Jacob Dahlgren

JACOB DAHLGREN (b. 1970) is an intelligent, amusing and visually fascinating artist, whose life merges with his art. He processes the everyday experience into art and reminds us that it is worth our while to look around us. In a sense, he carries on the tradition of constructivism, refreshing it, and bringing it to the present‐day context.

Not And Or 3, 2017
mixed media
120 x 120 cm

Not And Or 7, 2019
mixed media
154 x 114 cm

Not And Or 6, 2018
mixed media
178 x 126 cm

Work and Method, 2015
mixed media
104 x 104 cm

Not And Or
7–31 Mar 2019
exhibition view

Subject of Art, 2017
coloured pencils
17 x 25 x 17 cm

Third Uncle III, 2015
waxed MDF, electrical cable, aluminium, lamp
150 x 150 cm

The Wonderful World of Abstraction, Constructivist Version, 2015
steel, silk ribbons
280 x 300 x 300 cm

Concretists also developed rules for form and colour III, 2015
corian, electric cable and lamp
50 x 50 cm