Jani Ruscica

Human Flesh, 2019
2K video, stereo sound
16 min

JANI RUSCICA (b. 1978) makes versatile use of video, performance and sculpture alike. His characteristic method is one of collaboration with different actors and of negotiating the boundaries between different forms of representation. In his works, Ruscica extensively explores of issues of representation, the relationship of the image to sound and language, the thematic of translation, and the image as symbol or sign.

Human Flesh, 2019
2K video, stereo
16 min (excerpt)

Conversation in Pieces (opening act), 2016
HD video, stereo sound
21 min

Conversation in Pieces, 2016
custom made objects, live performers
installation view at KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art

Ring Tone (en plein air), 2016
HD video, stereo sound
loop 1:47 min

U for Ultramarine, 2016
96 x 98 cm

U for Ultramarine, 2016
wood relief
90 x 62 cm

Fog Horn, 2013
3D animation, flat screen, scaffolding
loop 10 min

Screen Test for a Living Sculpture, 2012
with Sini Pelkki
multi-channel installation, monitors
loop 1 min

Travelogue, 2010
single channel projected installation
B/W 16mm film transferred to HD, stereo sound
loop 8 min