Pamela Brandt

tempera and oil on canvas
116 x 160 cm

Pamela Brandt is an artist whose work is difficult to classify and describe briefly.

She is a kind of Hilma af Klint of Finnish art, strange and independent in her own time, or an exotic plant of which we really don’t know what kind of soil it needs, or a tool best suited to its purpose but requiring insight as to its use.

Her works often proceed from an occurrence in everyday life or an object that has prompted an association, emotional state or comprehension that is then transformed into an image. We recognize everyday subjects, but Brandt never approaches them naturalistically. They are “true” only at the level of art, where their truth obtains.

Pamela Brandt’s paintings contain symbolism, which, however, is never trite or self-evident, offering instead various interpretations and being accessible only to an open mind. Brandt paints slowly. Each painting has undergone many metamorphoses before achieving a state in which the literary, intellectual and physical reality of the work manages to merge in precisely the manner sought by the artist. One can, and should, look at them for a long while.

Ilona Anhava


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