Jani Ruscica’s Felt the Moonlight on my Feet record release

A record version of Jani Ruscica’s project Felt the Moonlight on my Feet is released by Apparent Extent. The project is developed for The Studio of Arousing Tools, and the record is co-produced by Ruscica and curator Sam Watson. The launch of the recond will take place in conjunction with the Bookies event at Publics, Helsinki on 23–25 November 2018.

For the work Felt the Moonlight on my Feet tap dancer Suzanna Pezo has been presented with three pieces of poetry chosen by Ruscica for reasons that include their political and social censorship during the course of their existence. Each poem has been translated into Morse Code, itself further translated and interpreted by Pezo into a dance piece. Felt the Moonlight on my Feet work has been performed live earlier at M HKA Museum of Contemporary art in Antwerp by Suzanna Pezo, and at gallery Otto Zoo in Milan by Paola Agati.