Essi Kuokkanen at Turku Art Museum

Essi Kuokkanen is on view in Turku Art Museum’s newly opened collection exhibition Handle with Care, which explores the museum’s contemporary art collection from the perspective of care and caring. The exhibition brings out how current themes in social discussion and posthumanist thinking, such as environmental relations, interspeciesism, and neospirituality are manifested in visual art, and how art can participate and influence the resolution of the current ecological crisis.


Handle with Care showcases paintings, prints, photographs, moving images, and sculptures by 26 contemporary artists. The exhibition is curated by Selina Kiiskinen, Elli Liippo and Annina Sirén.

Image: Essi Kuokkanen, For You I Will Give My Everything, 2022, oil on canvas, 168 x 140 cm
Photo: Eetu Huhtala

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Mari Sunna on view in Beijing

Works by Mari Sunna are on display as part of the international group exhibition Control group: In a prism-like sight at the CLC Gallery Venture in Beijing, China. The exhibition is curated by Junyao Chen, and it runs until 15 April 2023.

“Like occasional flashes of dreams and spiritual visions during a mechanical social life, the artist manages to evoke familiar everyday moments for the viewer while depicting the personal feelings of modern human oscillating between reality and illusion.” –exhibition text


Image: Courtesy of CLC Gallery Venture

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Marko Vuokola at Kunsthalle Helsinki

Marko Vuokola’s extensive solo exhibition Ocean of Love at Kunsthalle Helsinki opens 11 March. The exhibition focuses mainly on new works presented for the first time, and the methods range from photography to moving image, from objects to drawings, sound and installations. Vuokola is a curious thinker whose condensed and minimal conceptual artworks do not exclude experience or emotions. Individual works are like letters or words that together form sentences and stories – what do a seashell, a green flash, and a glass of water have in common? The exhibition runs until 16 April 2023.


Ocean of Love, installation view. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger / Kunsthalle Helsinki

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