New public works by Vesa-Pekka Rannikko unveiled

Two new public works, Phoenix and Welcome, by Vesa-Pekka Rannikko have been unveiled at the Koivutori square in Vantaa.

Phoenix consists of a large bird pattern painted and illuminated on the surface of the asphalt, round seating areas, and cherry tree plantings. With the flame red evening lighting, designed by Ari Tiilikainen, the Phoenix bird is reborn at nightfall. The starting point of the work was the Phoenix fable, which is familiar in many cultures and mythologies.

In the work Welcome, multilingual greetings cut out of steel decorate the edges of Residential activity facility Kirnu’s roof. In the text, the word ‘Welcome’ is repeated in 14 languages spoken in the area. The residents were involved in the implementation of the work: they were asked to write a welcome greeting in their native language and own handwriting.

The works are added to the collection of Vantaa Art Museum.


Photo: Vesa-Pekka Rannikko

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“The works have become my friends.” –Vexi Salmi

Works by Kari Cavén, Jorma Hautala, Heli Hiltunen, Jani Hänninen, Pertti Kekarainen, Anne Koskinen and Jorma Puranen are on view as part of a commemorative exhibition Vexi Salmi and Friends at Hämeenlinna Art Museum, running from 25 November 2022 until 22 October 2023.

Veikko Olavi “Vexi” Salmi (21 Sep 1942 – 8 Sep 2020) collected a large art collection during his life, which he donated to his hometown and its art museum in 2010. This year would have marked Salmi’s 80th birthday, which Hämeenlinna Art Museum celebrates with the commemorative exhibition, showcasing comprehensively works from the Vexi Salmi Collection. The general public knows Salmi as the lyricist, record producer and song writer, but he was also a passionate collector and connoisseur of fine art – the collection has more than 550 works or series of works, including paintings, drawings, graphics, photographic art and sculptures. Many of the artists also became Salmi’s close friends.


Image: Jani Hänninen, Less is More, 2013, mixed media on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

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Third part of a collaborative project by Antti Laitinen completed in Sweden

One Tree Four Seasons: Season III, the third part of a collaborative work between artist Antti Laitinen and architect-artist Ulf Mejergren, has been completed.

In Nykvarn, Sweden, Laitinen and Mejergren create four different artworks from one tree – one for each season – with available material found in nature. For their third part of the project, started in late October, the artists collected leaves fallen from the tree and the surrounding forest and placed them inside the woven nest structure. “With an artificial wind we made them move around and upwards and then fall again. A large portion of the leaves left the structure through the hole where real wind joined our man-made storm”, Laitinen and Mejergren write.

A photographic documentation of Season I, the first part of the project, was seen at Galerie Anhava in June 2022 as part of the group exhibition Openings. See all the previous parts of the project and watch a video documentation of part three behind the link.


Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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