New public work by Heini Aho completed in Helsinki

Heini Aho‘s new kinetic work The Meditative Clock has been completed in the Finnish-Russian school in Helsinki. Aho’s work won a competition organized by the State Art Commission together with a Finnish-Russian school and Senate Properties. 

The Meditative Clock is a series of hourglass-like glass sculptures in which sand of different colors measures its own time. Instead of experiencing impatience or the ruthlessness of time, in Aho’s work the passage of time seems soothing. The placement of the work in a learning environment concretizes the significance of the school path and the stages of human life from preschool to adulthood. The sand flowing inside the sculptures reminds us that learning is a lifelong process in which every grain of knowledge increases our understanding of the world.


Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa / State Art Commission

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Available works and other updates at

We are happy to present the latest updates on Galerie Anhava’s website, aiming to make the site even more approachable and informative:

Now, a selection of available works by our represented artists can be found from each of the Artist pages, via a new Available works button. To our Visiting menu we have added information regarding e.g. accessibility. In addition to English, the exhibition texts are from now on available both in Finnish and Swedish.

We hope this makes your visit to the website and the gallery even more pleasant and finding the right information easier. The gallery team is happy to assist with any questions and inquiries regarding, for instance, aquiring an art work – from finding the right piece to shipment and installing – or curatorial collaborations.

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Hreinn Friðfinnsson at MOAD, Miami

Hreinn Friðfinnsson‘s solo exhibition For the Time Being is on view at the Museum of Art and Design in Miami, Florida. Spanning six decades, this first American museum exhibition of Fridfinnsson highlights the artist’s use of minimal gestures to transform everyday materials into poetic, allusive, and revelatory works of art. The exhibition is on view until 1 May 2022.

Fridfinnsson’s art is often recursive and contingent, casting a wide net of references, often to others of the artist’s works. The works aligne with contemporaneous cutting-edge art movements, such as land art and photoconceptualism, but still suggest the distinctively romantic, lyrical, and wry sensibility.

Watch the artist look back on his practice and on specific works that embody his distinctive world view in the video.


Image: Hreinn Fridfinnsson, For the Time Being, exhibition view. Photo: Courtesy of MDC

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