Marko Vuokola’s retrospective solo exhibition in Turku

Marko Vuokola’s retrospective solo exhibition Sense and Sensibility at Aboa Vetus Ars Nova in Turku showcases the artist’s works from the last 30 years.

“Vuokola’s unassuming and thoughtful works create a space for sharpening of the senses. The works subtly lead you to contemplate – and thus to figure it out for yourself.
This minimalist exhibition of photographs, video art and sculptures focuses on temporality and repetition. Vuokola’s analytical and human approach offers the viewer insights large and small – without forgetting beauty.”

– Niina Tanskanen, Curator

Sense and Sensibility runs until 15 September 2024.

Marko Vuokola, Spaceliner I, 2013, archival pigment print, Diasec, 2x 32 x 32 cm

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Karoliina Hellberg in London

Karoliina Hellberg’s first solo exhibition in the UK, titled Labyrinth, opens at Elizabeth Xi Bauer gallery in London on Saturday 7 June. Hellbergs vibrant works in oil, acrylic and ink, immerse the viewer in a world of repeated imagery, signs, and symbols, a labyrinth of spaces and places, combining layers, forms, and elements. She blends dream-like visions and narratives that merge the everyday with the ethereal, painting the space between memories and fantasies.

“Spaces and moods in my paintings have been influenced by the environment in which I grew up and the kind of places I feel to be important…spaces in [my] paintings are collages of metaphysical and psychological elements, they do not just reflect just one place or experience’’, Hellberg says.

The exhibition runs until 3 August 2024.
Karoliina Hellberg, You keep coming back in, 2024, oil, acrylic and ink on canvas. Photo: Jussi Tiainen

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Meet the Artist: Anna Tuori

Welcome to meet artist Anna Tuori on Saturday 25 May, from 1 to 3 pm! Before the final week of her solo exhibition Calling for the Future to Return Tuori will be present at the gallery to discuss and answer questions about her artistic practice and her latest exhibition, full of meanings and observations, fickle figures and masterful compositions. Tervetuloa | Välkommen | Welcome!

Anne-Karin Furunes at Vigelandmuseet

For her solo exhibition Visiting at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Anne-Karin Furunes has chosen a selection of her paintings from the last ten years. The basic element of Furunes’ art is a photograph, usually a small picture found in an archive. These photographs are transformed by perforation into images on canvas with light-permeable surfaces. The perforation creates a lively visual, kinetic moment giving light and life to the portraits. The exhibition runs until 19 May.

“The scale is often monumental, as if to highlight that the portrayed persons are now being given the focus that was previously denied to them. Their lives were often tragic, due to historical events, but also through personal misfortunes or social exclusion.” – Maaretta Jaukkuri

Image: Anne-Karin Furunes, Vigelandmuseet. Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen

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Meet the Artist: Noora Schroderus

Welcome to meet artist Noora Schroderus on Saturday 27 April, from 1 to 3 pm! Right before the final week of her solo exhibition M.O. Schroderus will be present at the gallery to discuss and answer questions about her creative practice, techniques and ideas behind the suprising, conceptual and humorous sculptures.

Warmly welcome!

Cavén, Hiltunen, Kujasalo, Merenmies, Rannikko, Sunna and Vehosalo at Amos Rex

Works by Kari Cavén, Heli Hiltunen, Matti Kujasalo, Elina Merenmies, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Mari Sunna and Kari Vehosalo are featured in art museum Amos Rex’s new collection exhibition I feel, for now, running through 8 September 2024.

The title of the exhibition refers not only to Kari Cavén’s ambiguous artwork with the same name, but also to the fluidity and transient nature of emotions. Presenting over 100 artworks from 76 artists, I feel, for now carries the viewer from isolation to empathy, from ecstasy to nostalgia. The exhibition is curated by Kai Kartio, Krista Mamia, Kaj Martin and Katariina Timonen.
Image: Kari Cavén, Musta tuntuu, toistaiseksi, 1990. Photo: Stella Ojala / Amos Rex

Marko Vuokola in Tampere

Works by Marko Vuokola are on view at Gallery Himmelblau in Tampere alongside works of Tuomas Korkalo and Jyrki Siukonen. MOTUS, the artist group formed by the three artists first gathered in 2017 in Lisbon. In the pieces shown at Galleria Himmelblau, MOTUS primarily works with colour and light, making use of the Finlayson area’s atmospheric spaces. The exhibition opens 13 April and runs until 12 May 2024.

Image: Marko Vuokola, Peilaus, 2024, copper sheets. Detail: Vesa Viljakainen

Elina Merenmies at HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Elina Merenmies’s Naamio is view in Bambi Forever! exhibition at HAM Helsinki Art Museum, running until 19 January 2025. The exhibition features Finnish painting, graphic art and photography spanning from the 1990s to the present, reflecting on the complexities and contradictions of what it means to be human. The artworks are from a collection donated to HAM by Raimo and Maarit Huttunen, who ran Bakeliittibambi Gallery from 1996 to 2007.

Image: Elina Merenmies, Naamio, 2009–2013, ink on paper, 31 x 24 cm. Photo: Jussi Tiainen

Cavén, Dahlgren, Guðmundsson, Hautala, Kujasalo and Niva at EMMA

Works by Kari Cavén, Jacob Dahlgren, Kristján Guðmundsson, Jorma Hautala, Matti Kujasalo and Jussi Niva are featured in Experiments in Concretism exhibition at EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition aims to take a fresh look at the long tradition of concretism and its contemporary variations with works by over 50 artists, presenting the many facets of the art movement, and highlighting the expressivity and playfulness of various materials. The featured works are curated from EMMA’s collections, some of which acquired or commissioned especially for the exhibition. The exhbition also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lars-Gunnar ‘Nubben’ Nordström (1924–2014), a pioneer of Finnish concretism and geometrical abstractionism.

Experiments in Concretism runs until 2 March 2025.
Jacob Dahlgren: Heaven is a Place on Earth, 2018, digital scales
Experiments in Concretism © Ari Karttunen / EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Solo exhibition by Anna Tuori in Paris

In Paris, Anna Tuori’s solo exhibition En appelant l’avenir à revenir at Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve runs until 9 March 2024.


“Puddles, distortions, and dilutions are mixed with more precise, held forms, notably panels that obstruct space and indicate that the scene is far from fixed and clearly delineated. Tuori’s pictorial gestures coexist with evocations of several creative moments: rapid, tender, urgent, concentrated. In addition to challenging the dichotomous idea that expressionist painting comes from the heart and conceptual painting from the brain, these diverse gestures transcribe the spirit of dislocated time.” –Elora Weill-Engerer

Photo : Rebecca Fanuele | Courtesy of Suzanne Tarasieve

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Meet the artist: Vesa-Pekka Rannikko

Welcome to meet the artist Vesa-Pekka Rannikko on Saturday 3 February, from 1 to 3 pm! On the final weekend of his solo exhibition Plenty, Rannikko will be present at the gallery to discuss and answer questions about his creative practice, inspirations and ideas behind his playful sculptural hybrids and vibrant animations. Warmly welcome!

Anne Koskinen in Cologne

In Cologne, Anne Koskinen takes part in Galerie Werner Klein’s international group exhbition The direct view.  The exhbition showcases works “without glass or frames” by 20 artists, aiming to share that same special, direct and clear view that is usually found while visiting an artist’s studio. The exhibition runs until 24 February 2024.

Image: Anne Koskinen, Missä näitä kasvaa? (Köln), 2024, silverpoint and oil on canvas, 25 x 20 cm

Jani Ruscica on view at Kiasma’s new collection exhibition

Jani Ruscica’s video piece Beginning an Ending (2009) is on view at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki as part of a new collection exhibition Feels Like Home, running until 12 January 2025. All artworks in the exhibition are from the collections of the Finnish National Gallery.

The exhibition reflects on the theme of home and belonging through contemporary art. The featured artworks show that home can be a physical place, a community, or a state of mind. They reach out not only to the past but to the future as well. In Ruscica’s work, seven amateur actors morph the blank canvas of the film studio into a temporary stage for their visions of the future. The seven variations on the future and the eventual end of time reflect how history and the past as well as the imagery mediated by the media and popular culture shape our notions about the future.

Image: Jani Ruscica, Beginning an Ending, 2009, 16mm film transferred to digital beta and HD, stereo sound, 16’33”, loop

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