Karoliina Hellberg’s Pro Arte- exhibition at Didrichsen Art Museum

Karoliina Hellberg is Didrichsen Art Museum’s 2019 Pro Arte artist. The Didrichsen Pro Arte award is issued every few years to a young, promising artist. Hellberg´s award includes a stipend, an exhibition at Didrichsen Art Museum, a publication and the acquisition of a painting to the museum’s collection.

Works on paper and canvas are at the centre of Hellberg’s production. Works completed in other techniques often emerge from ideas and figures born during the painting process. Memories, secrets and personal experiences have their own visual interpretations in Hellberg’s imagery. Hellberg builds her exhibitions in an installation form. Together with the exhibition space and its atmosphere, the works on paper and canvas as well as the glass objects create a unity.

The exhibition opened on 25 January 2019 and will be on view until 5 May 2019.