Two installations by Grönlund-Nisunen on view in Rijeka, Croatia

The artist duo Grönlund-Nisunen showcases two installations as part of the Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture project, organised by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia. The installations Time Slip and Imminence have been created in collaboration with Croatian artist Ivana Franke, and will open to the public on 11 October 2019.

Situated underneath the Titov Trg, the site-specific light installation Time Slip examines the topics of water, memory, and continuity of time, modifying the stream of the Rjecina river. Imminence, exploring the elements of water, light and sound, is on view on the ground floor of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Imminence is open until March 2020 and Time Slip will be on view throughout 2020.