Meet the Artist: Antti Laitinen

Welcome to meet the artist Antti Laitinen on Sunday 23 August from 2 pm to 4 pm. Laitinen will be present at the gallery to discuss and answer questions about his creative practice and his current solo exhibition Broken Landscape. 

Antti Laitinen’s practice has long revolved around trees and the forest. He may, for example, cut a tree to pieces and then reconstruct it, encase the tree in a piece of armour made from sheet metal, or cover the tree with nails.

In this exhibition, as the name of the exhibition already implies, Antti Laitinen focuses on photographs from the Broken Landscape series. These works can be regarded as pieces of dialogue with the trees and the bushes. On the one hand, Laitinen uses the bushes as visual elements; on the other hand, he lets us see things which would normally remain out of sight. By cutting holes into the bushes and forming circles by bending the branches, he lets us look either through the bushes or straight into the forest. The overall shape of the work is memorable, balanced and absurdly beautiful.

Image: Nail Cube, 2016, wood, nails, 28 x 28 x 28 cm.