Artek 85th anniversary poster by Karoliina Hellberg

Artek commemorates its 85th anniversary in 2020 with a poster Garden as a Room by artist Karoliina Hellberg.

Karoliina Hellberg visited the private home of architects and Artek co-founders Alvar and Aino Aalto in Helsinki, where she made numerous drawings in the garden and on the terrace, making notes in the form of sketches, recording details and observations. When experiencing the house, Hellberg became aware that the Aaltos considered the garden as room in its own right.

Based on her observations at the Aalto House in Helsinki, the artist created an intimate work on paper reflecting her personal interpretation of Artek. The poster can be purchased from Artek and the original paper works can be seen at Galerie Anhava’s office.

Karoliina Hellberg’s interview by John Jervis can be read here.

Image: Artek 85 anniversary poster Garden as a Room by Karoliina Hellberg.