Santeri Tuori on view in Mänttä and Clervaux

Santeri Tuori’s partly retrospective solo show Posing time is on view at Serlachius Museum Gösta in Mänttä until 6 March 2022. In his photographs and video works Tuori examines the dimensions of time and nature, breaking up images into parts and reassembling them by combining the elements into a harmonious whole. A single image, like condensed time, is constructed of pictures taken over a long period. In addition images of nature, the exhibition includes a series of moving portraits. Some of the works of the exhibition are now seen for the first time in Finland. 

In Clervaux, Luxembourg, Tuori’s works from series Forest and Sky are on view until 25 March 2022. Clervaux – cité de l’image is an organisation dedicated to the medium of contemporary photography. The images are hung in large scale under the open sky, spreading all over the town and its gardens. “Santeri Tuori’s photographs seem like pictures from a parallel world, a universe which underlies the law of time while moving and existing outside of human paradigms.” (A. Meyer)

Also, Tuori’s photobook Time is No Longer Round  has been nominated as the finalist for Photobook Award of the year award by Association of Photographic Artists and the Finnish Museum of Photography.

Image: Sky 7, 2012, 55,5 x 45 cm, pigment print mounted under acrylic