Jacob Dahlgren and Noora Schroderus at WAM

Jacob Dahlgren and Noora Schroderus take part in the Spectrum – Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Art exhibition at WAM Turku City Art Museum. 

The exhibition features a wide-ranging offering of contemporary art, including photography and videography, installation, sculpture and rya rug, from 16 artists. The artworks deal with the diversity of gender and sexuality, identity development and experiences with discrimination, but also liberation, pleasure, intimacy and caring. With Spectrum, the museum is taking a stand on equality and introducing new voices. The exhibition, running through 9 January 2022, is arranged in co-operation with the artists, experience experts and associations.

Image: Noora Schroderus, Nauhahiomakone, 2006, fabric, cotton wool, stainless steel