Heini Aho and Jorma Puranen at Kunsthalle Helsinki

Heini Aho and Jorma Puranen are participating in the joint exhibition Spaces of Uncertainty, a diverse showcase of spatial art taking place at Kunsthalle Helsinki between 12 March –24 April 2022. Other participating artists are Thomas Nyqvist, Lauri Astala, Marja Kanervo and Shoji Kato. The exhibition also presents works from Signe Brander (1869–1942) and Elias Martin (1739–1818).

“The exhibition and its title communicate that we are never ‘safe’ from spatial practice, that it affects everything we do, wherever we are. Uncertainty, change and unpredictability are, to these artists, not something incomplete that can be rectified with the appropriate effort, but rather the very bedrock of creation, as paradoxical as this might sound. Spatial art does not call for three-dimensional, sculptural or architectural forms of expression.”

On Sunday 13 March at 3 PM, Jorma Puranen and Thomas Nyqvist will be present at Kunsthalle Helsinki to discuss the exhibition and its themes.

Image: Jorma Puranen, Language is a Foreign Country 1, 2001, pigment print, 160 x 200 cm