Antti Laitinen’s solo exhibition at WAM

Antti Laitinen’s extensive solo exhibition Flexible landscapes at WAM Turku City Art Museum runs until 19 September 2022. In addition to Laitinen’s most recent works, such as the Broken Landscape photo series, displayed are also some of the artists earlier works, for example, It’s My Island (2007), in which the artist builds his own island in the sea, and Forest Square, which was seen at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

The importance of wood as material is well visible in the exhibition. Laitinen works with wood in many ways, sometimes radically changing its appearance, but still preserving the unique shape and character of a living organism. One of such pieces, Nail Trunk, is situated outside the museum, in Ekoluoto, and will be completed during the exhibition as a result of the work of the artist and the public.


Image: Self-Portrait on the Swamp, 2002, C-print, Diasec