Grönlund–Nisunen’s facade relief revealed

The artist duo Grönlund–Nisunen was invited by SARC Architects to plan a facade for the new Hotel AX in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. The facade relief goes by name Split Views and it consists of 480 pieces of polished and perforated steel plates. The appearance of the sheer relief, which reflects its surroundings, varies according to weather conditions and the time of day and season. In gloomy weather, its surface is enlivened by the movement of reflected clouds. On a clear day, it reflects the sky and, in the evening, the redness of the setting sun. During the dark hours of the day, the vertical look of the façade relief is accentuated by narrow-beam LED lights. In the evenings, the lighting changes subtly and becomes dimmer and more static during the night.

The new concept hotel is dedicated to showcasing a variety of works by established and coming artists in its exterior and interior, inside its lobby and restaurant areas, as well as inside the hotel rooms. One of the artists who has been invited to create an art piece inside one of the rooms is Jussi Niva.

Photos: Petteri Nisunen