New public art works by Karoliina Hellberg displayed in Helsinki

The renovated Kallio General Upper Secondary School houses a series of four new paintings by Karoliina Hellberg, an alumnus of the school. The series of paintings is titled Lilacs, Anemones and Wind, and it is divided into two pairs located in the stairway of the building. The pairs of paintings are placed opposite each other, like a reflection, and they show the same situation as if from two different perspectives. On the second landing, the pair shows the spatial imagery and highly detailed interiors that Hellberg’s works are known for. The impression of abundance is created by the railings, pillars, decorative furniture and ornamented rugs, along with plants and flowers. On the third landing, the pair leads the viewer into a recurring theme in Hellberg’s paintings: nocturnal gardens and vegetation.

The works are implemented with the Percent for Art principle, dedicating one per cent of the City’s new construction and renovation expenses to the creation of new public art, and added to the City of Helsinki’s art collection managed by HAM.


Photo: HAM / Kirsi Halkola