Heini Aho on view in Kiel

Heini Aho takes part in a group exhibition Nature Morte – Still Alive. Contemporary Still Life in Finnish Arts at Stadtgalerie Kiel in Germany, from 18 September until 27 November. The group exhibition explores the intentions and techniques with which Finnish artists deal with the genre of still life today. The traditional motifs of still life are inanimate objects, mostly taken from everyday life, especially food and objects from flora and fauna. Often the depictions also had a coded, moral message: memento mori – remember that you will die. In contemporary context, due to new medias and topics of our complex time, the genre of still life remains an interesting and fascinating field. The exhibition is curated by Ritva Röminger-Czako.


Image: Heini Aho, Surreal Salad, 2022, soft foam, acryl, plywood, video. Photo: Jussi Tiainen