Third part of a collaborative project by Antti Laitinen completed in Sweden

One Tree Four Seasons: Season III, the third part of a collaborative work between artist Antti Laitinen and architect-artist Ulf Mejergren, has been completed.

In Nykvarn, Sweden, Laitinen and Mejergren create four different artworks from one tree – one for each season – with available material found in nature. For their third part of the project, started in late October, the artists collected leaves fallen from the tree and the surrounding forest and placed them inside the woven nest structure. “With an artificial wind we made them move around and upwards and then fall again. A large portion of the leaves left the structure through the hole where real wind joined our man-made storm”, Laitinen and Mejergren write.

A photographic documentation of Season I, the first part of the project, was seen at Galerie Anhava in June 2022 as part of the group exhibition Openings. See all the previous parts of the project and watch a video documentation of part three behind the link.


Photo: Courtesy of the artists