A K Dolven

1.30 am South, 2003
117,5 x 150 cm
edition of 15

A K DOLVEN’s practice involves a variety of media; painting, photography, performance, installation, film and sound. The paintings are highly physical, in a direct relationship with the artist’s own body and its movements. The photographs and videos are directed and recorded performances. Recurring themes in her works are the representation of natural forces and their resonance with human sensibilities. Dolven’s work alternates between the monumental and the minimal, the universal and the intimate. Interpersonal relations and interactions are central to her practice, and many of her performance-based works involve collaborations with other people.  
A K Dolven (b. 1953) lives and works in Oslo and Lofoten. She has exhibited extensively internationally, including Kunsthalle Bern; Philadephia Museum of Art; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; IKON Gallery, Birmingham; Platform China, Beijing; The National Museum of Art, Oslo; Amos Rex, Helsinki; and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. Her work is included in collections such as The Art Institute of Chicago, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Hoffmann Collection, The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, La Gaia Collection, Goetz Collection, Fundacion Salamanca Ciudad de Cultura, Malmö Museum, National Museum, Norway, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark. She has won the Prins Eugen –medal in Sweden in 2005. 

A Other Teenager, 2016
16 x 1 metre video projection, 2 channel audio, 31 minutes 31 seconds
Performer: Tale Dolven
Composer: Stian Westerhus

touching the sky with snow on my fingertip, 2018
oil on aluminium
31 x 31 cm

to you, 1994-2018
video, 16 mm black and white film digitalized
8 : 29
Edt. 3
Performer: Tale Dolven

pigment print
149 x 149 cm

touching you with snow on my fingertips, 2018
oil on aluminium
31 x 31 cm

Warmth II, 2008
c-print Diasec
150 x 200 cm

hitting the sky with snow on my shoulder II, 2018
oil on aluminium
31 x 31 cm

bring me back, 2007
HD video installation, 3 screens
13 min 44 sec

bring me back, 2007
3 screen HD video installation

to you 1994–2018
30 Nov – 21 Dec 2018

exhibition view