Kari Vehosalo

Young Adults I, 2017
oil on canvas
200 x 150 cm

KARI VEHOSALO (born 1982) is a philosopher and a craftsman. His works address power, its essence and structures, and how even unconsciously the social contract steers and restricts our way of being. Polite behaviour is usually a ritual devoid of content, but nonetheless required in order to pass as a human being.

Wanderers II, 2019
oil on copper
30 x 25 cm

Still Life I, 2018
oil on canvas
170 x 135 cm

Figure on a Chair, 2017
oil on canvas
200 x 149 cm

Modern Guilt I, 2014
oil on paper
43 x 31 cm

Doppelgänger I, 2013
oil on canvas
160 x 196 cm

Doppelgänger II, 2013
oil on canvas
190 x 148 cm

The Corruption of The Working Class (greatest is love), 2014
oil on canvas
200 x 163 cm

Something wicked this way comes (While Thinking of Marquis de Sade), 2012
oil on canvas
135 cm

Picture of Dorian Gray, 2013
oil on canvas
155 x 129 cm