Marko Vuokola

The Seventh Wave - Flora, 2012
Diasec 2x 200 x 150 cm
Edition of 3

MARKO VUOKOLA is an artist who is particularly interested in issues of seeing, perception, knowledge and time. During his career, he has created a wide range of works from physical installations to pieces employing light and sound, drawings, paintings, folded paper works, objects, photographs and video pieces. Time is the common denominator of all these mutually different pieces and ensembles of works: the surprising nature of time as endless, relative and precisely measurable. The meaning of time for perceiving and understanding action and change. The objective nature of time and the subjective nature of human time. In his works Vuokola captures the fleeting microsecond inaccessible to our senses.  

Marko Vuokola (b. 1967, Toijala) lives and works in Helsinki.  His numerous solo and group exhibitions include venues such as Amos Rex, Helsinki; Tempelhof Airport, Berlin; Rovaniemi Art Museum; Serlachius Museum, Mänttä; Trondheim Kunstmuseum; and Galerie 21, Malmö. His works are included in numerous private and public collections, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Swanljung Collection, Malmö Art Museum, Saastamoinen Foundation Collection, Rovaniemi Art Museum, and EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art. Vuokola has created several public works in Finland.

RGB 16 777 216, 2021
digital animation
programming: Joonas Siren

installation view
Photography and Video
7 Feb – 10 Mar 2013

Speedmaster II, 2016
silver gelatin print, framed
81,5 x 76,5 cm
Edition of 6

RGB, 1996–2011
c-print, acrylic
3 x 44,8 x 30 x 2 cm
Edition of 10

From the installation / series Merkintöjä (Marks): Untitled sculpture, 1988
plywood, electric engine, propeller, cable, timer
61 x 35 x 9,5 cm

When Is Now
31 May – 29 Jun 2018
exhibition view

Venus (Sharpen), 2012
Diasec, Pigment Print
180x180 cm
Edition of 3

And, 1996
acrylic on acrylic
2 x 42 x 29,5 cm
Edition of 6

Green Flash stills – Random Generator, 2016
archival pigment print, diasec
63 x 63 cm
Edition of 6

The Seventh Wave – Haze, 2008
diptych, digital colour print, diasec
2x 180x180 cm
Edition of 3

When Is Now
31 May – 29 Jun 2018
exhibition view

The Seventh Wave – Space Odyssey, 2010
Digital C-print, Diasec
2 x 180 x 180 cm
Edition of 3

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RGB 16 777 216, 2021
digital animation, AV equipment
edition of 3

programming: Joonas Siren

Doppler Effect, 2021
pigment print, framed
2x 102 x 102 cm
Edition of 3

The Seventh Wave – Surge, 2009
diptych, digital colour print, diasec
2 x 50 x 50 cm
edition of 10

The Seventh Wave #3, 2002
1/3 diptych, colour print on aluminium
2-3/3 digital c-print, Diasec
125 x 265 cm
edition of 3

Magnifying Glass A, 2016
scanography, archival pigment print, diasec on glass
7 x 32,7 x 24 cm
edition 10

Spaceliner I
archival pigment print, Diasec
2x 32x32 cm
edition of 6

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