Elina Rantasuo:
Kissed by Fire

Kissed by Fire, 2014
animation and video
4:30 min.

Elina Rantasuo (born 1987) graduated from the study programme in printmaking of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. In addition to printmaking, she applies the techniques of sound, video and installation art in her work. The tradition of printmaking can be seen in her work in the repetition of elements and the sensitivity of working with various materials.

In her earlier works, Elina Rantasuo often made use of her own recordings of speaking in her sleep, studying so-called nocturnal consciousness and its reality. The artist’s works are lyrical entities fleeing the rationality of daytime consciousness.

Kissed by Fire on display in PROJECT is an animation based on thoughts about forces of nature, folk beliefs and surrealism. The animation reflects the restlessness created by life, but also the love that is felt for it.

The PROJECT series was curated by Piia Oksanen.

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