Jacob Dahlgren

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Simple Yet Complex, 2012
aluminium, powder coated
223 x 185 x 10 cm

Jacob Dahlgren (born 1970) is an intelligent, amusing and visually fascinating artist, whose life and art overlap. He makes paintings based on striped t-shirts, eats canned food and constructs gaily coloured works of sculpture from the empty cans. He can make a sculpture from Ikea clothes hangers or a relief from disposable plastic mugs. Saws, pencils and carpenter’s rules turn into art in his thoughts and hands.

Dahlgren proves, with all his works, that everyday life contains potential for art. He refines the everyday experience, reminding us that that it’s worthwhile to take a look around you. In a sense, he also carries on the tradition of constructivism, renewing and refreshing it, and leading it into the present day.


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Primary Structure, 2012
wood, lacquer paint, glass
100 x 100 x 50 cm, edition of 5

Untitled Endless Cut, 2012
Ø 195 cm

Units Of Measurement 3, 2012
folding rulers
200 x 204 cm

Item 12: Subject Of Art, 2012
17,5 x 17,5 x 17,5 cm

Early One Morning; Yellow, Umber and Black, 2006
spray painted doors
204 x 217, 5 cm

Early One Morning; Blue, Lilac and Green, 2006
spray painted doors
204 x 217,5 cm

exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view