Mari Sunna:
Between the Two

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Opera, 2013
oil on canvas
55 x 50 cm

Mari Sunna has an extremely broad expressive range, from delicate, dream-like, whispering paintings to funny and strange works merging the symbols of comic strips and traffic signs with the problematic of abstract painting.

Sunna’s latest paintings may seem “hard-edged”, but it is worth taking a closer look. Her familiar, wonderful brushwork applied with the confidence of a somnambulist is still there. No one can capture the sensuality of the meeting of two colours with greater perfection than Mari Sunna.

The flatness of the paintings, the openness of illusion, the evenness, roughness and fading of the colour surface, the colours. For those who love painting, Mari Sunna’s exhibition is a celebration and a source of wonder.

Mari Sunna is an internationally known and recognized painter, whose work has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions on all continents except Greenland. Alongside private and public Finnish collections, her works are included in, among others, the Saatchi Collection, the Deutsche Bank Collection, the French State Collection and various private collections in the Nordic countries, England, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the United States.


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Academian, 2013
oil on canvas
35 x 30 cm

Borders, 2013
oil on canvas
65 x 50 cm

Listen to My Heartbeat, 2013
oil on canvas
90 x 95 cm

Minnie, 2013
oil on canvas
65 x 60 cm

Curve, 2013
oil on canvas
76 x 63 cm

Painter's Dream, 2013
oil on canvas
80 x 120 cm

Gladiator, 2013
oil on canvas
110 x 105 cm

Escape, 2013
oil on canvas
68 x 45 cm

Casino, 2013
oil on canvas
100 x 110 cm

Sides, 2013
oil on canvas
25 x 30 cm

Bright, 2013
oil on canvas
35 x 40 cm

Hunger, 2013
oil on canvas
80 x 110 cm