Olli Keränen:


Olli Keränen’s (born 1979) video piece takes as its setting the city at night and its streets, the surfaces and obstacles of which provide a rhythm for the movements of the figure performing in the piece. A townscape deserted by other inhabitants creates an association with loneliness and marginalization. The title of the piece TANSTAAFL comes from the saying ”There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” – in the community the benefit gained by one of its members often winds up being paid by others. Keränen’s city is a space where unwritten rules steer the existence of individuals and mark out a territory for it.

This work was created in association with the dancer and choreographer Iiris Raipala. It is a performance, a choreography with its tension created by the fumbling movements and fitful gestures of its character in contrast with the command of the body associated with dance. Music gives the movement a framework and rhythm that is nonetheless disrupted by the aimless steps of the figure. The dancer’s costume is caricaturized and alienates the individuality of the character.

Olli Keränen studied sculpture, graduating in 2006 from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. His most recent exhibitions include the Mänttä Art Festival of 2013. In 2013 Keränen will complete a public work of art for the Siilitie metro station in Helsinki.

Filming, editing and audio work: Sakari Luhtala
Choreography, performer: Iiris Raipala
Music: Jaakko Kestilä
Sound recording: Joonas Kiviharju

The PROJECT series is curated by Piia Oksanen.

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