Anne-Karin Furunes

San Servolo XIII, 2018
acrylic painted and perforated canvas
280 x 191 cm

ANNE-KARIN FURUNES (b. 1961, Norway) describes her works as fleeting images, and her practice as one of drawing with holes. With her signature technique she manually perforates canvas painted with black acrylic with thousands of holes, letting through varying degrees of light. Furunes uses different archives to search for pictures that move her. The changing nature of the works in space is linked to the problematic of depicting the past. Her method of removing in order to reveal complements her practice that often focuses on forgotten or silenced histories and people.

Calving Glacier VI, 2018-22
acrylic paint and perforation on canvas
240 x 404 cm

San Servolo XI, 2018
acrylic on canvas, perforated
224 x 150 cm

Landscape I, 2021
acrylic paint and perforation on canvas
240 x 360 cm

Strange Messengers 4, 2017
acrylic on canvas, perforated
200 x 200 cm

In private collection

5–29 April 2018
exhibition view

Illuminated Moments I, 2012
acrylic on canvas, perforated
270 x 490 cm

In Saastamoinen Foundation Collection

13 Mar – 6 Apr 2014

Sar Servelo, Palaze Lucale, 2017

Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, 2014